storms of late spring

A storm was rolling in and I was just a few blocks away from The Loews Hotel after my trip to the One Liberty Observation Deck. The Loews is a spot that has one of the most iconic (and one of my favorite) views of the Philadelphia skyline. I hadn't been up there since January, and even then the only camera I had on me was my phone. So I made in impromptu detour, because I can't remember the last time an impromptu detour was a bad decision. The winds were picking up as I stopped along the way to snap a few shots of people commuting home or enjoying this late spring heat.


The elevator doors slide open on the 33rd floor. Silent, save for the doors sliding closed behind me and pulleys dragging them to the floors below. Absolutely, peacefully, wonderfully empty. Thirty minutes of solitude while I sip my tea and watch the grey clouds roll through glass towers in the sky. The first thin droplets slip down the glass, obscuring my view of the city, making it something entirely different. Followed by a thousand others, as a soft pat becomes a steady, heavy rhythm.
The drumming begins to ease as hints of gold peek through the soft grey. My mind is as clear and perfectly silent as the room in which I find myself.