pari dust, peter pilotto, and the miller house

When you get an email from Pari Ehsan at noon on a Friday, asking you to fly out to Indiana that Sunday, hang out for the night, shoot in the beautiful and historic (and typically banned to fashion photography) Eero Saarinen designed Miller house on Monday, and fly back that night - you don't say no.

Well, I almost did. As a photographer who works full time and freelances during spare time, anything during a 9-5 work day is pretty predictably off-limits. But this space, this clothing, this genius of an art-meets-fashion blogger. I pushed my better judgment aside, gave a resounding "hell yeah" and flew out to Indiana 2 days later to shoot with Pari.

We had three looks to shoot and the entire Miller House at our disposal for a few hours - and by to ourselves, I mean us and a team of lovely humans from the Miller House administration answering my questions as to what I could and could not touch (there were a lot of things I couldn't touch). The day was something out of a dream.

Below are Pari's selects for Pari Dust, I'll be releasing outtakes periodically over on my Tumblr since there were quite a few more photos that I loved from this shoot and will be editing them at a later date.

for Pari Dust

clothing provided by Peter Pilotto + Carven

+ see the feature in Architectural Digest